\"Every Person Is A Salesman\"

"Every Person Is A Salesman"
-Pastor Steve Pierson

"...I refrain from boasting so that no one may think more of me than he sees in me..."2 Corinthians 12:6
   Have you ever thought how every person you know is a sales person? It's true. We want people to desperately "buy" our product every day. For some of us, our lives are centered around others “buying our product.” “What's the product,” you ask? You are. I am. You and me sale ourselves to the world every day. We sale ourselves to people, even people in the church. We sale an image, an idea of who we are. We tell people about the amazing benefits of "our product." We boast or brag (in a humble way of course) about the "performance" of our product. All the while, we say nothing of all the "recalls" on our product because of the broken and malfunctioning parts.
   The apostle Paul said that he refrained from boasting about himself in a way that created an image that made others think more about him than they actually saw in him. 
   There is great danger when we pretend we know more than we actually do, or, are more than we actually are. That image which we create often becomes an idol. It's who we desperately want to be but often lack the integrity to actually be. The thing is, people eventually look past the "sales rhetoric" and see what actually is. When we tell the truth about who we are, or rather, who we are not, we spare ourselves the embarrassment which often comes when people realize it's what they see in us that is reality, not what they hear from us.

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