Thoughts from my kitchen table

I’m a Christian Because?
-Pastor Steve Pierson
I’m not a Christian because I grew up that way. I’m not a Christian because it was the best option to clean up a dirty life. I’m not a Christian so I can be a better person and do more good than bad. And, I’m not a Christian so I can get something in exchange for my obedience. I’m a Christian because I’m a sinner, stained with an unquenchable desire for evil with no ability to change those desires myself. The space between who people think I am and who God knows me to be, is often embarrassingly wider than I would want to admit. But it’s in that space that I find a love not found in this world. I’m a Christian because I find no reason why an infinitely holy God would give his attention to a person that neither searched for him nor cared about him. I’m a Christian because I find no explainable reason why Jesus Christ would waste his time to give his life for someone who helped cause him so much pain. I’m a Christian because every example of human love and commitment to others has conditions and limits based on the worthiness of the receiver of that love, whereas Gods love is unconditional. I’m a Christian because while I was in the midst of lashing the back of the innocent, scorning and ridiculing him publicly, spitting in his face, and fastening him to a wooden beam with nails threw his flesh mocking his very existence, he responded by saying,
“Father, forgive him, he doesn’t know what he is doing.”
That alone, won this sinners heart! 
“If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to myself.”
Just some Sunday morning thoughts from the kitchen table.

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